Every affliction has its own rich lesson to teach, if we would learn it. M.K.Gandhi

List of resource person with topic

Sl. No. Resource Person Topic
01. Dr. Shamshad Hussain,Professor, Emeritus (Social Sciences), Patna Managing The Classroom
02. University Former : Chairman, Bihar State University Climate & Global Warming ,Earth, Sun and Planet
03. Dr. Amarnath Sinha ,Former Vice-Chancellor, Hindi Language and Communication, Role of University Laws in education
04. Professor Arun Kumar (Kamal), Department of English, Patna Prepairing of Class Room
05. Dr. Ashok Kumar Rohatgi,Retired Professor , Project Preparation & Thesis Writing, Remote Sensing
06. Dr. P. Narain, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Self Actualization
07. Dr. Khagendra Kumar ,Principal, Patna Training College, Patna University, Basic Isuues in two research Paradigms - Logical Positivism & Phenomenology
08. Mr. B. R. Chatterjee , HR Head, Bihar & Jharkhand, Mgmt., HRM, Perspectve, Team Work, IQEQ,Interpersonal &
09. Dr. Md. Wasay Zafar, Head, Department of Education, Core Teaching Skills & Construction & Standardization of
10. Dr. S. N. Tiwary , Director, ASC, B.R.A. Bihar University, Science and Technology
11. Dr. Ashim Lal Chakraborty , Associate Professor, Department of Human Factor Analysis in the Domain of Management Sciences,
12. Dr. Ashutosh Kumar , Associate Professor Exam Reforms
13. Dr. S. P. Singh, Registrar, Chanakya Law University, Patna Dr. S. P. Singh, Registrar, Chanakya Law University, Patna
14. Professor M.B.Sharan, Professor of Psychology in the School Psychology of Super conscious mind & Learn to Teach &
15. Professor T. P. Maitin, Retired Professor, Department of Commerce, Knowledge Management, Academic Acountability & Audit
16. Dr. Lalit Kumar ,Associate Professor How to Learn Effective Communication, Method of Teaching
17. Professor Balgangadhar Prasad ,Head,Department of Mathematics, Mathematics in vedic Periods - An Easy Approach,to Mathematical
18. Dr. B.N. Mishra ,CMO, CentralDispensary , Patna University, Yoga
19. Professor Saileshwar Sati Prasad , Retired Professor,Department of Communuication Skills
20. Professor Amarendra Mishra ,Head, Department of statistics, Research Methodology
21. Professor Dolly Sinha,Principal, Magadh Mahila Collega, Computer Fundamental & Information Technology
22. Dr. Saurabh Maheshwari and Dr. Tuhina Mukherjee Workshop on Advanced Statistics)
23. Dr. V. K. Lal, Department of Sociology, Patna University, Patna Violence, Legitimation Crisis and Democracy Tradition, Modernism